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Some of you may have read my other blog (www.luthienthegreen.wordpress.com) on living with mental illness as a young person. Since I really enjoy blogging, I have decided to start a second. This one will focus more on the aspects of life that I can enjoy in spite of being unwell. I think it’s really important that we speak about mental illness without making it the only thing about us. Some days there really isn’t much else, but I’d like to make the most of the times when there is. 

In this blog I am going to share the things I enjoy most, especially seasonal activities, crafts, bullet journaling and fashion. Since I struggle with anorexia, I will avoid posting photos which show body shape and make no reference to sizing, calories etc. and would be glad if you didn’t either! I think these things could be triggering and hold back anyone’s recovery, including my own. However, I do still think that dressing in a way that makes us feel confident can be a huge step towards self acceptance so I will include clothing combinations, tips etc. 

I hope you enjoy this blog!

Featured post

Trip to the Peak District 

A few weeks ago we went to the Peak District for a break. It was one of the most beautiful places I’d ever been to and had so much to offer. Here are some of the things I enjoyed most:

1Monsal Trail and headstone viaduct

A beautiful walk along an old train line. We only did part of it because we got there late and it is very long, but we got in the viaduct and the views were stunning.

2. Chatsworth 

Chatsworth far exceeded my expectations. I’ve always wanted to see it, but both the gardens and the house were more glorious than I had imagined. The variety of landscapes was amazing and I really enjoyed the modern art installations. 

We were especially lucky that the Christmas exhibition and market were on. They really made Chatsworth come alive and there was far more to see and do than could be managed in a day!

3. Poole‘s Cavern 

I’m not really an underground person, but these caves were amazing! After seeing them in a brochure, we thought we might give them a try, even though I’ve been down several mines without liking them much. This limestone cavern was totally different though, much more expansive and beautifully lit. The tour took about 40 mins and was really interesting.

4. Stanage edge

I found this walk on Pinterest before our trip, and it was so worth it! The pictures don’t really capture how breathtaking the view is. 

In summer it’s often totally overrun apparently, but in November it wasn’t nt very crowded. Waking all the way along it would have taken many hours, but luckily you can accesss it from a car park below.

Trip Review

This trip has taught me how much going to new places and traveling can alleviate depression and anxiety. I have always found journeys and going on Holiday stressful, but it all depends on how you do it. 

Bullet journal week of the 13th

Things are not good at the moment, so I’m not managing to keep up my blogs much. Here is my bullet journal spread for this week though:

I used two washi tapes for the side and pen and watercolour for the rest. Sorry if I haven’t answered your comment, I will as soon as I am able to. Please do shared you like this design or use it yourself!

Week of the 6th Bullet journal spreads

Here is my spread for this week and a few others I’ve done recently. I hope you like them and please do share any of your own!

I used watercolours for this one. I soon learned that there is a reason why people use mathematics to map stars; all the distances and proportions are totally out. Oh well, it’s art 😬  I don’t think I’ll use it to navigate at night! For the stars I used white acrylic paint. The paper held up better than I expected and the colour didn’t bleed through. It went a bit wavy but I ironed it.

Do you use watercolours in your journal?

November bullet journal setup

I know this post is a bit late, but I wanted to share my November setup in my jornal with you anyway. I have used a mix of pen, watercolours and watercolour  pencils and I sketched everything in pencil first. I hope you like it!

I decided I didn’t need a detailed calendar this month as I don’t have many events on. I tend to do it differently each month.

 How do you do your monthly setup and is it always the same style?

Bullet journal page ideas 

I often run out of ideas of what to put in my bullet journal other than my weekly spreads. I have gathered ideas on Pinterest etc. and come up with some of my own. Here are some of my favourite ones from the past few weeks:

1. Favourite Films to watch by season

2.  Diy plans and projects 

3. Themed doodle and caligraphy page 

4. Things I want to do more vs thing I want to do less

5. Headers collection page

What pages have you included in your bullet journal recently?  I’d be very happy if you shared any ideas!

Vintage Outfit: A trip intro town

We went into town for coffee yesterday and for a walk. Even though I’m not very well at the moment, I find that I have better days if I make an effort to look nice than when I just throw on whatever. 
My Granny recently bout me a new dress and I wanted to share the outfit with you. 

Disclaimer: I do not receive money or anything else from the brands whose products I wear. These are just what I like and I have added links in case you are interested in a particular item.

Getting out once a day really helps my mental health, even if dealing with interactions and seeing people can be difficult. Also, as I discussed in a post on my other blog, if you make an effort to look nice, people will assume you have recovered from your illness. When you are feeling awful and anxious inside this can be challenging to deal with. I’m not going to wear all black just to let people know I am depressed though. 

Dressing in a way you like can be a huge step to recovery from depression, anxiety and eating disorders. I want this blog to be part of the path to recovery, both for any readers struggling with mental health isssues and for myself. I have tried not to emphasise weight and shape in any of the photos, but please let me know if you find anything triggering.


Dress and Leggings: Joe Browns  Boots: old, but similar available on amazon/eBay/Etsy

Weekly Bullet journal spreads for Autumn 

Here is a collection of my autumnal weekly spreads. Feel free to pin any of these/ use any ideas you like in your own journal. I hope you like them and would be very happy to see pictures of anyone else’s spreads too!

1. Mushrooms 

2. Fox theme (inspired by Pinterest)

3. Wooden sign (inspired by Pinterest)

4. leaves

5. Yellow pumpkin

6. Orange Pumpkins

7. Spider‘s web

If you have enjoyed seeing these, I’d be really happy if you followed my blog!

Autumn wreath decoration

I think it’s always nice for a front door to be welcoming and seasonally decorated. Having looked on Pinterest, I know that there are many ideas out there, but still wanted to share what I’ve made too. 

Lots of craft projects require tons of specialist supplies and equipment. The only thing I think you really need for this one is a glue gun or other strong glue. I got a mini one for a fiver. 

 I used an old wreath which I made a while ago and was looking sad. It was originally a styrofoam one from a craft shop, but you could use any that you have, bend one from hazel shoots or buy a cheap one to do up. To make the wreath autumnal, I used pot pourri (from the samepack as for the XXX) but again, anything you find on a walk (conkers, acorns, etc.) is just as good.

You will need: 

  • A glue gun 
  • A wreath of some sort, ideally styrofoam
  • Decorations e.g. Fake or dried leaves 
  • Pot pourri or conkers, pinecones, bark and beechmast
  • Fake moss (optional) – you can get this from most craft shops
  1. Use the glue gun to glue the moss to the wreath until covered. (If you have no moss go straight to step 2)
  2. Glue the pot pourri pieces or equivalent to the wreath
  3. Glue on the leaves and add any other seasonal decoration.
  4. Attach the wreath to the door with a piece of string or wire to a door knocker. Blue tack may work if you don’t have one, though I haven’t tried this.

That’s it! The great thing about this project is that you can pretty much use what you have or find in nature. You could even use cardboard as the base for the wreath if all else fails.

Let me know if you enjoyed this tutorial/liked the idea and I’d also be really glad to hear about any projects you have made!

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